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Gender equality pathway for Managers and Programme and Admin staff

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview
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Learning Modality: Self-paced

Date: Available online all year

Duration: Approximately 10 hours

Language: English

Tuition fee: FREE

{%: Objectives }

The overall objective of this learning pathway is to provide development practitioners the opportunity to build and/or enhance their expertise in the area of gender equality and women’s empowerment. Working towards this end, all learning pathway participants are, as a start, trained in common gender concepts, the human rights-based approach and the strategy of gender mainstreaming, as well as the UN’s work on gender equality.

The learning pathway also considers staffs’ employment in distinct branches and provides access to suitable material for programme and operations staff and managers.

{%} {%: Modules }

The learning pathway guides learners through an array of resources and modules from introductory to advanced. It is based on resources provided by the UN Women Training Centre. These resources are complemented by other relevant and publicly available resources, provided by other stakeholders, case studies, research papers, training manuals, templates and alike. In order to achieve its overall and specific objectives, the learning pathway will include materials that are tailored to development professionals’ different branches of work (programme; procurement/ operations; and management). The materials are selected based on their level of difficulty and specialization and are collated in a way that generates three learning path levels: namely introductory, intermediate and advanced.

{%} {%: Audience }

This pathway targets primarily development practitioners and managers who have limited expertise in the field of gender equality and women’s empowerment.