CATEGORY: Face-to-facePresencial Présentiel

Gender-Responsive Budgeting: Advanced Course

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

Learning Modality: Face-to-Face

When/Where : 9 – 13 October, 2017, Belgrade, Serbia

Duration: 5 days

Language: English

Tuition: USD $1,500


Gender Responsive Budgeting (GRB) is a concept and a practical approach widely extended and used in developed and developing countries in the last 35 years. It can serve as a tool for achieving the triple goal of promoting development, enhancing gender equality and fulfilling human rights. UN Women supports efforts to ensure gender-responsive governance frameworks and expands its scope to engage with planning processes, to upscale the approaches and lessons learned and to institutionalize them within public administration at large.

{%} {%:Objectives}

This face-to-face course aims to combine theory with hands-on training to develop technical skills for implementing specific Gender Responsive Budgeting tools related to governmental spending.

Upon completion of the training, participants will be able to:

  • Discuss GRB in an holistic way
  • Examine key elements for GRB such as actors, strategies, good practices and challenges wimplementing GRB
  • Interpret how technical tools for GRB can be tailored to different contexts

{%} {%:Audience}

The course will be of particular benefit to development practitioners including United Nations System staff, researchers, policy-makers, civil society and advocates who are working on gender mainstreaming in different spheres such as public policy, planning and budgeting.

{%} {%:Requirements}


  • English language skills
  • Interest in obtaining technical and training skills in GRB
  • Commitment to devote 5 full days over the course of 1 week
  • If possible, bring a laptop


Proven experience in gender responsive budgeting: To enroll in the course, it is compulsory to demonstrate knowledge of GRB (i.e. academic or professional experience).