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Learning Pathway on Transformative Leadership for Gender Equality

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview
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Learning Modality: Self-paced

Date: Available online all year

Duration: Approximately 15 hours

Language: English

Tuition fee: FREE

{%: Objectives }

The course aims to enhance capacity for leadership on gender equality and women’s rights in the middle-management levels of UN organizations to lead on gender equality from their current posts, and positioned to champion gender equality in their future careers.

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The course is divided into the following modules:

  • Expert strategic influence, leadership and advocacy for gender equality in ways appropriate to their level to move a range of organizational processes in gender-inclusive directions.
  • Model good leadership practice in their own performance, and encourage it in the work of others, so that the organisational culture is improved and all can achieve stronger gender-equality results.

{%} {%: Audience }

It is designed primarily for mid- level UN system personnel who wish to be more effective at gearing their leadership towards advancing gender equality. It offers information and skills that will also be useful for career development for all staff, and especially for those who face barriers to their advancement. It may also be of interest to more senior personnel in similar leadership situations. Men and women are equally encouraged to take the course.