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UN Women Training Centre 2018 Annual Report

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UN Women Training Centre

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The UN Women Training Centre 2018 Annual Report highlights the Training Centre’s achievements in 2018. The year was one of continued growth, as the Centre spearheaded training for gender equality as a catalyst for transformation – on a personal level, in communities, organizations and societies – in aid of UN Women’s mandate to promote gender equality worldwide. The report sheds light on some of the 87 courses delivered to over 53,500 participants –ranging from gender and the SDGs to transformative leadership, safe cities, GRB and the certification of gender trainers. It reflects how the Training Centre worked as a strategic ally for advancing capacities on gender equality by partnering with UN Women Country and Regional Offices, by fostering dialogue, and by producing evidence-based, practice-informed knowledge products. In these ways, the Training Centre advanced the potential of training for gender equality as a strategy for individual and collective transformation.