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Typology of Training for Gender Equality

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This Typology offers a classification of different aspects and forms of training for gender equality. It supports training commissioners to plan, develop, design, deliver and evaluate training-related activities more strategically and realistically. Whatever form is undertaken, all training for gender equality is ultimately about gender-transformative change. It is also important to recall that different kinds of training are not mutually exclusive or set in stone. Effective learning is an on-going, continuous and dynamic process, a “circle” or “cycle” of learning rather than a linear trajectory.

The Typology derives from the experiences and reflections of the UN Women Training Centre, including several pieces of work it has undertaken, such as the Review of how training for gender equality has evolved since the Beijing Platform of Action, Annual Work Plan Reviews from a training perspective; reports of the Expert Group Meeting on Training for Gender Equality ; and the Working Paper Series. This is the second edition, following changes in key debates and research in the field.

UN Women office involved in publication: UN Women Training Centre