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Toolkit: Gender & Security Sector Reform

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This toolkit aims to integrating a gender perspective into the work of the actors and institutions that comprise the security sector and its supporting structures. This was prepared by the Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forcs (DCAF) and the UN Women Training Centre (former INSTRAW), and the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights  (ODIHR), the Gender and Security Sector Reform Toolkit is an initial response to the need for more informaiton and analysis on gender and SSR processes. 

The toolkit presents best practices and recommendations for strengthening a gender perspective within the security sector.


The toolkit contains:

  • User guide
  • 13 tools (20 pages each)
  • 13 corresponding shorter practice notes (4 pages each, based on the tools)
  • Annex on International and Regional Laws and Instruments related to SSR and Gender


The publication is aimed at SSR policymakers, practitioners and researchers in national governments, security sector institutions, international and regional organizations and civil society groups.

The toolkit is available in English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Russian, Montenegrin and Indonesian. Click through the languages below to access each of them.  

Toolkit in English

Toolkit in Spanish

Toolkit in French

Toolkit in Arabic

Toolkit in Russian

Toolkit in Indonesian

Toolkit in Montenegrin