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Working Paper Online Training and Feminist Pedagogies

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UN Women Training Centre

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Online training has become the predominant modality for delivering training for gender equality worldwide since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. This working paper explores the implications which this shift to online learning has had from the perspective of feminist pedagogical principles and practices. It sheds light on the question of how to make online training for gender equality a truly transformative process in the context of online training, based on the UN Women Training Centre's dynamic, participatory research and discussions with trainers active in the field of gender equality. As argued throughout the paper, online training offers a wide range of exciting and innovative opportunities from the perspective of feminist pedagogical principles and practices. Trainers have adapted their work to accommodate the new conditions to the best of their abilities, creating a thriving and dynamic new modality for training for gender equality. However, a number of key challenges remain in order to convert this energy and innovation into long-lasting change for gender equality.