Theory of Change for Training for Gender Equality

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Lucy Ferguson

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This paper constructs a proposed theory of change for training for gender equality, which is depicted graphically in line with good practice in Theory of Change methodologies. This is accompanied by an overarching change narrative, elaborating how the different elements of the Theory of Change work together to create pathways to gender-transformative change, and the key assumptions on which the Theory of Change is premised.

The Theory of Change proposed in this paper maps out how different aspects and processes of training for gender equality support the impact of training in achieving the long-term goals and broader vision of transformation. It serves to demonstrate the ongoing value of training for gender equality, whilst at the same time advocating for adequate funding and resources, as well as political will at the highest level. The paper develops a strong argument for systematically incorporating a Theory of Change approach into the course development process, and proposes how this could be integrated into the Training Cycle.