Gender-transformative Evaluation of Training for Gender Equality

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Lucy Ferguson

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With this paper, the UN Women Training Centre sets out preliminary guidelines for a conceptual and methodological approach to gender-transformative evaluation of training for gender equality. A conceptual framework for gender-transformative evaluation of training for gender equality needs to take into account the non-linear, uncertain and ambiguous nature of change. A commitment to feminist transformation, adherence to feminist pedagogical principles and a flexible, dynamic approach can support a gender-transformative approach to evaluation which in turn informs the practice of training for gender equality. In terms of methodologies, feminist pedagogical principles and practices can be applied at all stages of the evaluation process and training cycle. It is hoped that this paper will lead to a deepening of debates on gender-transformative evaluation and a sharing of good practices to work collectively to demonstrate the impact of training on gender equality.

UN Women office involved in publication: UN Women Training Centre