Self-Assessment Test for Municipalities

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The UN Women Training Centre is proud to present the Self-Assessment Test for Municipalities. This interactive application in form of stoplight is a user-friendly tool for technical staff or local authorities. It guides users to make their own assessment on how much gender equality is mainstreamed in their local government and it gives an indication of progress and challenges.

This stoplight was originally designed for municipalities in Latin American region but may be used by any municipality regardless of the stage it has reached in incorporating gender equity. The tool includes 10 key indicators for examining how gender equity fits into municipal activities. The Self-Assessment is based on acceptable minimum standards for each indicator. Once questions on all indicators are answered, an overall evaluation of the user’s municipality will be presented.

The Stoplight also includes an annex with complete texts of the research that shaped this tool, and videos about the struggle for women’s rights in Latin America. Click on the image below to access the Self-Assessment Stoplight:

Screen capture of the Stoplight tool