This certification aims to reposition training for gender equality as strategy to challenge and engender mainstream development and support the achievement of SDGs. It also hopes to pilot a professional development programme for gender trainers that:

  • re-thinks training for gender equality as feminist knowledge transfer
  • re-claims training for gender equality as a political feminist process
  • develops a cadre of gender trainers equipped with feminist pedagogy

The programme employs professional development workshops (face to face and virtual). virtual learning on theories and concepts and cilitation techniques and tools, and virtual mentoring. It is a twelvemonth programme where the first quarter will be devoted to elaboration of the programme, fund-raising and recruitment of trainees. It is envisaged that the same cohort of trainees will participate in a series of three face-workshops, as well as homework assignment, virtual learning events and one-on-one mentoring activities in between workshops.

The programme aims to work in a co-creation process with xperienced gender trainers from both the global south and north.