In this course you will learn:

  • How gender in transportation fits within the broader development context
  • Who can benefit from greater gender equality in transportation?
  • How transport systems can enhance the mobility of women and girls
  • How women can be better engaged in the transport sector
  • Future challenges and opportunities in gender and transportation
  • Introduction, Definitions and Context
  • Who can benefit from gender equality in transportation?
  • How can transport systems enhance women and girls’ mobility?
  • Engaging women in the transport sector

The e-learning is designed for individuals who have an understanding of gender issues, but who may be less familiar with the gender equality in transportation field. Primary audiences include policy-makers and advocates, though general audiences would also benefit from the course.

This course was jointly prepared by the World Bank’s Transport Global Practice and the UN Women Training Centre with the collaboration of the World Bank’s Open Learning Campus and UN Women’s Safe Cities and Safe Public Spaces Global Initiative and Coordination Division. The course would not have been possible without funding from the Republic of Korea, Ministry of Economy and Finance.

The latest pdf adobe version is needed in order to view the course. Please note that the course will open in a separate pop-up window, therefore please ensure that pop-up blockers are de-activated. The participant will need set of headphones or speakers as the course includes audio throughout the entire course.