This face-to-face course aims to combine theory with hands-on training to develop technical skills for implementing specific Gender Responsive Budgeting tools related to governmental spending.

Upon completion of the training, participants will be able to:

  • Discuss GRB in a holistic way
  • Examine key elements for GRB such as actors, strategies, good practices and challenges implementing GRB
  • Interpret how technical tools for GRB can be tailored to different contexts

The final agenda will be shared before the training but here are some of the contents that we aim to cover during the training:

  • Understanding the budget and engendering the budget cycle
  • Key concepts and analytical frameworks on GRB
  • Overview on GRB experiences in different regions
  • Women Economic Empowerment, Policy framework and costing exercises
  • Changing global context and innovations in GRB
  • Advocacy: the role and strategies followed by different actors: Government, Parliament, CSO
  • The revenue side of the budget
  • Gender-Aware Programme or Performance Budgeting
  • Indicators
  • Gender aware call circulars and budget statement
  • Gender-aware beneficiary assessment and Expenditure incidence analysis
  • Gender audits
  • GRB strategies and institutionalization

The course will be of particular benefit to development practitioners including United Nations System staff, researchers, policy-makers, civil society and advocates who are working on gender mainstreaming in different spheres such as public policy, planning and budgeting.