The ToT Certification Programme covers the main phases of the learning management cycle: analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation, as well as the capacity of being an effective and updated trainer within an organization.


The approach aims for experiential learning, co-creation, building on real-life experiences and grounded case material. It offers exposure to different approaches of training and seeks to inspire participants to step out of their comfort zones and experiment, all in a safe and reflexive environment.


A special focus will be made on feminist pedagogies and gender responsive training methods:


-Understand how the methodology can be used in relation to the gender approaches (women, gender, mainstreaming and masculinities)


-Build a programme that is inclusive and;


-Considering gender relations that may affect the learner.


Additional focus will be on visual facilitation, giving participants the opportunity to:


-Experience visual methodologies


-Learn how to make the most of software for visualizing information


-Count with a Visual Toolkit to be used for training design and implementation


Specialists involved in designing and implementing learning activities; Officials who have to supervise trainers and participate in training evaluation; Learning managers who take part in training programme cycles; Managers who are responsible for training and capacity development.