This leadership workshop aims to strengthen capacity and knowledge of managers and organizational leaders to advance gender equality, women’s empowerment, and women’s rights agendas within their organizational contexts and mandates.
The course is divided into the following modules:
Module 1 – The Power of Purpose: Reflection on key concepts, our own power and privilege, lenses and aspirations for leadership on Gender Equality.
Module 2 – Inspiring and Enabling Others to Act: Organizational diagnosis, Outcomes and Alliances, Transforming Resistance, Focusing our Plans.
Module 3 – Priorities for Transformative Action: Presenting participant plans, Peer feedback and support, Accountability and measurement, Follow-up to this workshop
This course is designed for practitioners with managerial roles and responsibilities, and/or with functions to provide strategic or visionary guidance to their offices/ organisations. Participants can be from governmental offices, civil society organisations, development agencies, UN agencies, or private businesses.