Self-paced courses are delivered online and can be accessed using a computer. Self-paced courses allow learners to access content at their pace, and from anywhere at any time. This type of course is mainly interactive and can include video, audio or animations to enhance the learning experience.



Scheduled courses combine moderated, blended and/or face to face methodologies. Moderated courses emulate the traditional classroom environment and take this experience to an online setting: they include reading materials, communication between participants and provide an opportunity for participants to receive support from facilitators via discussion forums, interactive webinars and other activities. Blended courses combine online and face-to-face learning. And face-to-face courses allow facilitators and participants to be present in a physical room, and combines presentations with interactive activities and group discussions to convey and exchange knowledge.



Customized courses: The UN Women Training Centre continuously identifies gaps in training and responds to demands for training on new contents. These courses are available on demand year-round in various learning modalities and can be customized to fit the needs of a specific audience.



Communities courses: Descriptions