This course will help you understand the relationship between Gender Responsive Budgeting, gender equality, human rights, human development, and good governance. You will be able to recognize the predominant analytical frameworks and tools for GRB initiatives during the budget cycle, the potential scope of interventions and the role of possible key actors in these activities.

This course is organized through 4 modules:

Module 1 – An Overview of Gender Equality
Module 2 – Origins and Evolution of Gender Responsive Budgeting
Module 3 – Characteristics of Gender Responsive Budgeting
Module 4 – Gender Responsive Budgeting in Practice
Module 5 – Gender Responsive Budgeting Frameworks and Tools

This course is a basic course that can be of interest for all audiences, in particular for people who work on planning and budgeting at local or national level, from the government, civil society, research, international organizations, among others.